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Gilbert Sorrentino, from The Orangery
Variations 2
The pale moon sails out blank.
Green fruit in the trees and
in the green trees oranges.
They are limes they
are oranges. The n is a kind
of fly that lands on
nothing. The birds flash
in morning silver light.
glitter and buzz of
the transparent.
flash of green.
handful of silver coins
caught by the girl the
comedienne. Madame Mystère.
 2013 , 180x110 cm, oilpaint / acrylics on canvas, collection Centraal Museum Utrecht (NL)

Waves hitting rocks, pebbles and dead stone-white pieces of coral rolling back and forth.coralwhiteteeth. coming up above water after watching a moray hiding its leathery body and sharper teeth under a piece of rock. The shape of the waves projected by sunlight like a bright white grid on the ocean floor.white,neither grey nor ivory white. Bright specks of colour flashing in the grid, mostly parrotfisch. Gobies and Blennies testing your macro and super macro skills. Green, Spotted, Chain, Chestnut and Golden tail Morays are easy with an occasional Spotted Snake Eel. Night dives will yield Clinging, Cryptic, Neck and Speck Clawed crabs along with Banded Coral, Scarlet, and Red Night shrimps. On the beach there are coloured pieces of fabric and cardboard.white is the colour of modern times, it includes everything,superseded the brown of decadence and the blue of divisionism, the cult of the blue sky, the gods with green beards and the spectrum. Painted unhesistant and precise, playfull and accurate. Painted in the garden under a palm tree, orange and white specked dog watching, white dog bored.A fisherman is gutting his catch. Seatortoises comin to have their daily feed. A coca-cola bottle filled to the brim with orange sprim. In the background some rough bushes some poisonous trees, spiked branches. Drowned-man green, coal tar-impossible orange-brown, deep cheap perfume aquamarine, the colours of the painted pieces soft pink, cold lemon yellow, so cold so sweet. thinking about this driving with XXXX. Crossing the Brooklynbridge on our way to our hotel in the korean block.sunset. The yelow cab is orange it is lemon. a shoppingcart full of fruit and tequilla gets pushed throught the sweet spring-rain. Green bike-lane. Orange bike.The olive green bottle, brokenglass green, green apples, green mind, say sits okay. Painted under the pinetree in the grass, fingercutgreen.dry green. Painted on a sidewalk in barcelona. Plantrelief in the concrete. flavored with the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit, mispelmedlar,seagrapes. West-kapelle salt in the air, more light. These strange beings one calls colour. Even when its adequately named, colour exceeds the word. Den helder beaches, the waves green-grey. Drinking coffee in sao paulo, monkeys in a tree, painting barefoot. Colour that one talks about. Painting is not to be read and colour does not speak since its in excess of the language that names it. Different forces in one field. Which voice speaks the painting.


koen delaere : de vleeshal: private collection new york: delaere : 2014

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