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Gilbert Sorrentino, from The Orangery
Variations 2
The pale moon sails out blank.
Green fruit in the trees and
in the green trees oranges.
They are limes they
are oranges. The n is a kind
of fly that lands on
nothing. The birds flash
in morning silver light.
glitter and buzz of
the transparent.
flash of green.
handful of silver coins
caught by the girl the
comedienne. Madame Mystère.


 2013 , 180x110 cm, oilpaint / acrylics on canvas, collection Centraal Museum Utrecht (NL)

Ice baby
I saw your girlfriend and she was
Eating her fingers, just another meal
But she waits there in the levee wash
Mixin’ cocktails with a plastic tipped cigar
My eyes stick to all the shiny robes
She wears on the protein delta strip
In abandoned house but I will wait there
I’ll be waitin’ forever
Waitin’, go
Minerals, ice deposits daily, drop off
The first shiny robe
I’ve got a lot of freinds, I, I want
Not here, babe, you took ‘em
Every time, I sit around, I find I’m shot
Every time, I sit around, I find I’m shot
Every time, I sit around
Every time, I sit around
Every time, every time
Every time, every time
Every time
You’re my
Summer babe
Summer babe
Summer babe
Summer babe


koen delaere : de vleeshal: private collection new york: delaere : 2014

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